Welcome to the Oranges class home page. Oranges are a mixed KS1 class. We will regularly update the page with news and events that the children participate in both in class and around school.

The full time staff in Oranges are Susan and Lesley-Anne. Through the use of individual passports, we have an excellent knowledge of the children in our care. These passports contain information gathered from parents, carers and the staff who work with them.

We provide a visual environment for the children where a range of support strategies are used including visual timetables, objects of reference and the use of Makaton. The children have access to an indoor and outdoor play area, to enable them to participate in a range of movement, sensory and curriculum activities.

We always value the support of parents and carers and ensure informative home-school communication is provided daily through the use of class dojo so you can see all the amazing things the children have been doing in school!

Enjoy exploring what our children have been up to!