"Fellgate is a brilliant school, very supportive of children and parents."

"There is a real family feel about the school."

"Teamwork is encouraged and that shows."

"My son is loving learning!"

"Staff are amazing!"

"I feel my child is embraced for being an individual as well as a member of the school community."

"The atmosphere of the school is very friendly, upbeat and positive."

"Staff speak to me with respect."

Mrs Julia Tones

Head Teacher

Welcome to Fellgate Primary School

Our Vision

At Fellgate Primary School through an ethos of respect, challenge and resilience, we aspire to create an inclusive, safe, vibrant, happy school where each member of the school community – children, parents, carers, staff and governors –  feels valued and are encouraged to be the best they can be. We celebrate individuality, striving for everyone to reach their full potential and “shine” in everything they do.  

Our Values

We respect ourselves and others, encouraging everyone to be the best they can be. We thrive on challenge so that we can all reach our full potential. Resilience– We never give up and understand that it is ok to make a mistake. Inclusion– Every member of our school community has a voice, are listened to, appreciated and supported. Unique – we all have different strengths and abilities and are special in our own way.

Our Aims

To create caring, confident and curious children who are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. To motivate and challenge our children to achieve academic and personal success. To appreciate the uniqueness of each child and recognise their potential.

Our Curriculum

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please take a look within the ‘Our school’ section of the website under ‘Curriculum’. You will find our curriculum vision, intent and planning across the school. You can also take a look in ‘Class News’ to see our class posts.