This half term Cherries have continued with their Coastlines topic. In Literacy we have been reading Katie Morag books, we have retold the story and looked at characters’ feelings and explaining why they were feeling this way.

In Science we have been learning about plants and what they need to survive, we also explored some unusual plants that don’t need certain things to grow. For British Science Week we created some plant posters drawing and labelling what plants need to survive. In Maths we have been identifying coins and notes and began adding varied coins to make different amounts.

For Red Nose Day we created 6 different red noses using different media. We also created some lighthouses in DT by cutting and wrapping red and white stripes of paper, scrunching tissue paper to create the rocks and the sea and adding a tea light for the light. Some children commented they looked like The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch lighthouses and that we should connect them with string to send his packed lunch. Some great learning this half term!