After a tremendous half term back in school, focusing on adjusting back into school life, we are ready to celebrate and enjoy our final term in at Fellgate Primary School. Incredibly, we will be starting our class enterprise-Oaks Jolly Lollies. Throughout the term will be doing a lot of work organising, running and promoting our enterprise to achieve our goal to raise funds towards our leavers celebrations.

Our Summer term will be all about showing what we are capable of achieving, enjoying our learning and getting prepared for life after primary school. Our topic this term is Ancient Greece. We will be learning all about this civilization, how empires rise and fall as well as comparing it with modern day Greece. Towards the end of the year we will put lots of transition activities in place to support our children even further.

At Fellgate we want Oaks to thoroughly enjoy their remaining time in year 6 and  to be ready for the challenge of secondary school and beyond.