This term in Oaks we have enjoyed learning about The USA and the Americas. We have used atlas’, maps, the internet and texts to find out specific information and compared American cities with ones in the UK. Some of the terminology we have been using this term as been hemisphere, latitude and longitude, biomes. We look forward to further developing these skills in the future. As part of our science topic ‘Living things and their habitat’ we grew mould, investigated the conditions which produced more fungi, learned about different microorganisms, classified living things and even learned some fascinating facts:
Did you you there is more bacteria in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on our planet?
Eventually we produced our own knowledge organiser to demonstrate what we have learned and the scientific vocabulary associated with this area.
In our English lessons we have been reading the book Wonder and exploring complex themes such as prejudice, friendships, kindness and acceptance. We have enjoyed reading this book and looking at the different perspectives of the complex characters, as parts are written in several first person accounts.
This term we have also enjoyed integrating with Plums as often as possible. I have been particularly impressed with the support and cooperation in PE lessons and how we have all been developing our drawing skills in art using perspectives and vanishing points.