This half term Cherries topic has been Let’s Celebrate!

We have learned about bonfire night and read the story Sparks Fly in Literacy. We made our own firework pictures on the computer and with paint by dipping and twist toilet roll holders.

Our next celebration was Remembrance day, we completed poppy jigsaws, painted cake cases to make poppies and used red icing and chocolate buttons to make poppy biscuits.

We then learned about Diwali and read the story Dipal’s Diwali. We sequenced the story and used colourful semantics to make sentences about the story. We made Diva Lamps and explored lights and scents in Science.

We then celebrated Christmas and read the story Ten Little Lights. We were excellent as identifying the animals either verbally or using symbols. We also had great fun helping to decorate our class Christmas tree!

A very busy half term.