This half term we have been developing our arithmetic skills as well as our fact retrieval skills when reading to improve our confidence in maths and English. We have developed our knowledge and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages as well as coordinates and direction.
We have produced some outstanding pieces of writing about anti bullying week, multi faith week and children in Need as we consider the purpose and audience of our work, often selecting the appropriate vocabulary and level of formality.
In science we have enjoyed learning more about blood, how it is transported around the body. We have created models to show how we breathe and looked at different types of blood and why transfusions are sometimes needed. It has been extremely interesting. We have continued our study of North America and looked at time zones, calculating different time differences around the world.
We have enjoyed interrogating with Plums class for P.E, art and design, PSHE (Kidsafe) and design and technology- we even baked our own festive treats in the lifeskills room.