Since returning to school after lockdown, Sycamores have filled their days with lots of fun and learning.

We celebrated World Maths Day by reading a book called “The Lion’s Share” about fractions. We linked this story to our work and also produced some Celtic patterns, which were extremely difficult!

On Red Nose Day we all dressed in red and learned about less unfortunate people who benefit from the money raised. We told jokes to each other and laughed lots.

As part of our South Africa topic, we created animal printing in art. We looked at animal skins and then made printing blocks using thick card and sponges. Eventually we created a printed pattern. They looked great!

We also read “Journey to Jo’Burg” which was a thought provoking book about racism and equality. We learned lots about Nelson Mandela and the lives of South African people in the past. We realised how lucky we are today!

For Easter, we made Easter cards and decorated eggs – as well as learning about the real meaning of Easter.

Look at the some of the great photos we have taken this term…