We have had a fabulous and fun filled first half term back at school where we have explored our topic ‘All About Me’. We have been busy reading, writing, completing maths and phonics activities.

In science we have completed lots of experiments using our sensors. We particularly enjoyed seeing the changes that occurred to a fizzy bottle when we added mints. We watched and listened as corn kernels popped into popcorn just like in the book Bear Snores On and we commented on how the changes occurred through heat and the corn expanded.

In art we have been learning all about the primary colours. We have also been learning what colours to mix to make secondary colours. We have explored making art with a variety of materials. We have made amazing rainbow collages using tissue paper. We have also had lots of fun using fruit to create pumpkin prints.

In PE with Adam we have been super speedy and have been practicing running to and around different coloured cones. We have also been jumping in hula hoops and over hurdles.