is a fantastic website that provides advice and guidance to help raise young people’s awareness of online safety.

There are lots of social media websites and apps that people use to chat, comment, share pictures and game with their friends.

Many parents and carers wonder when is the best age to let their child have a social media account. Some don’t want their children to have underage accounts. Others may have decided their child is not quite ready for social networking, even if their child is begging them. Once children reach secondary school, they’re likely to come under growing peer pressure to stay in touch with friends online.

If you are thinking about social media for your child, what should you consider and how can you help and support them? Follow the link for advice:

Is your child ready for social media?

In this video we explore social media, the risks and what you can do as a parent of carer to help your child be safe:

Short videos for parents and carers: delivering online safety at home