Book Fair

Our book fair is here! It will be open each morning from 8.30 and after school from 3.20 Monday-Friday this week only. The more money we raise, the more books and resources we get for our school. There are some great books on offer, ideal for Christmas…

Thank you for your support.

Mr Graham

A Busy Half Term

‘Red group have had a very busy half term! Our topic has been food.

We had a visit from the Little Red Hen and we helped her to make some bread!

Helping Mix the ingredients! Helping to mix the ingredients to make bread

Because we were all good friends and helped the Little Red Hen make the bread we shared it in the end.  It was very nice, especially with lots of butter on!

It was hard work mixing the dough! Our Bread!

We had a trip to Asda to buy ingredients to make a cake.

1 - The basket got very heavy! 2 - Sugar! 3 - Sprinkles 4 - Getting some orange juice 5 - Which one should we choose 6 - After all that shopping we needed a treat!

We made a chocolate cake and it tasted delicious!

Adding the Chocolate

Keep mixing!

Weighing the sugar


Fun with Maples

When we went to Beamish we went down the Pit, it was very dark and scary.

When we were down the Pit the man told us lots of interesting facts like children used to work down the pit from the age of 3!


Maples oct 2015 272

We had some time in the school playground playing with metal hoops. just like the Victorian children would have!

Maples oct 2015 299

We went to the farm and pretended to be children who had been sent to the countryside away from the bombs in World War 2. We were writing letters home to our parents.

Maples oct 2015 306

We pretended we had been signed up in the army. We had great fun learning to march.


Maples oct 2015 313

Maples oct 2015 317

In school we are learning to paint a picture based on a famous artist.

we have chosen ‘Bathing At Asnieres 1884’ by Georges Seurat


Maples oct 2015 333

We are also learning to mix our own paints using powder paint. The powder paint went everywhere!

Maples oct 2015 336

Fun in Cherries

On our trip to Beamish, we had lots of fun pretending to be soldiers.


We travelled on a tram to see all the sights at Beamish.


We travelled down the mines and found our own coal to bring back to Cherries class.


We visited an old fashioned school and some of us even had to stand in the corner for being naughty!


We made our own ice-cream. It didn’t turn out quite as expected and we had lots of laughs at the custard-like results.


We had lots of fun making our own scented play-dough. Our classroom smelt of lemon, caramel and mint for days! We loved it!


We learnt poetry by heart and then performed it to our Maples friends. We did such a super job!


Even in the rain, we get lots of work done in Cherries! We went on a plant hunt and found lots of garden and wild plants.