A Busy Half Term

‘Red group have had a very busy half term! Our topic has been food.

We had a visit from the Little Red Hen and we helped her to make some bread!

Helping Mix the ingredients! Helping to mix the ingredients to make bread

Because we were all good friends and helped the Little Red Hen make the bread we shared it in the end.  It was very nice, especially with lots of butter on!

It was hard work mixing the dough! Our Bread!

We had a trip to Asda to buy ingredients to make a cake.

1 - The basket got very heavy! 2 - Sugar! 3 - Sprinkles 4 - Getting some orange juice 5 - Which one should we choose 6 - After all that shopping we needed a treat!

We made a chocolate cake and it tasted delicious!

Adding the Chocolate

Keep mixing!

Weighing the sugar